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Taijn Torijn ® – Crossmedia Art, Design and more

Taijn Torijn (pronounced: teˈiːn -ˈtoːrin) is my stage name and stands for cross-media art, unique design and music.

The stage name is my alter ego, an expression of a way of life and attitude in which there are no limits. In my personal experience, we can change everything in our life at any time - provided we have determination, courage, a willingness to compromise and accept that personal (subjective) success can also be preceded by failure. This may sound philosophical, but it is based on my personal development over the past few years and the realization that our thoughts either set limits or break them. I chose the latter and found ways to refocus my life and try to achieve my dreams and ideas.

I found my way to digital art, design and music by trying out new things – tearing down mental boundaries, so to speak, and throwing my own prejudices “overboard”.

My art, my design and my music should arouse feelings and thereby stimulate thoughts, in particular awaken dreams and longings and at best give inspiration to dare something new.

The murals ("Wall Art" - available on canvas in the online gallery and in my gallery in Ensdorf Saar) are based on photographs and depict real places, people and objects. Strong colors and contrasts serve to focus on the motif and its details and are intended to stimulate thinking and feeling in every respect. The strong, contrasting color combinations, the expressive designs and my music are the result of my "tearing down boundaries" and an expression of my attitude to live life as intensively, courageously and free from prejudice as possible.

Anyone who would like to learn more about me personally and my experiences etc. can find “food for thought” from time to time here on my blog , which will be published shortly.

Thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my work. You can also find me on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Best regards

Taijn Torijn