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Music is one of my greatest passions. I started guitar lessons at the age of 13. Later I focused on blues and jazz. At the age of 16 my friends and I founded the heavy metal band "Foretregg" and made our first studio recordings.

Over the last few years I have been working intensively with digital music production. In the meantime I have written and produced a lot of songs.

"Taijn Torijn" Artist Releases

The time has come, the first singles to my upcoming EP are available in the next few days for download on my website - www.taijntorijn.com! And very soon also on all streaming portals (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc.).

Have fun listening and streaming!

Upcoming EP
Taijn Torijn® - "Recreated By Sound"


So stay tuned - the music is coming soon!

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  • I-Groove: Link folgt!
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    Collaboration with other artists

    If you are an artist, musician, or singer and you want me to write/produce a song for you or work with me, I look forward to receiving inquiries


    Best regards

    Taijn Torijn