COVID 19 - Prevention Policy

Dear visitors,

the following regulations apply to

  • exhibitions
  • personal consultation appointments
  • agreed personal delivery of goods
  • other face-to-face meetings and gatherings

in my gallery Taijn Torijn, Saarstraße 29, 66806 Ensdorf or at your place (at home, company headquarters).

The aforementioned meetings take place exclusively after personal consultation with us and in accordance with the current statutory COVID 19 prevention regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and Saarland, but in any case in compliance with the wearing of a medical corona protective mask , if you wish, also with the use of 2G+.

I hope you understand that the aforementioned regulations are based on legal requirements on the one hand, but also on the other hand because of my personal decision not to want to endanger anyone's health unnecessarily and also to give those of us access to my art and my designs who are not vaccinated are .

Because I think we all want to stay healthy!

Best regards

Taijn Torijn