3D product design & visualization

In addition to my work as a "digital artist", I have dedicated myself to digital 3D product design . My goal is to create products in this area that convince with the following aspects:
  • Functionality, aesthetics and unique, unmistakable and timeless design with "wow" effect;
  • Consideration of sustainable and ecological aspects, such as B. the so-called "Cradle-to-Cradle" principle [English: "from the cradle/origin to the cradle/origin" also known as C2C = these are products that are either used as biological nutrients in biological cycles can be returned or kept continuously in technical cycles as "technical nutrients" (source: Cradle to Cradle - Wikipedia ) and thus take into account modern criteria such as sustainability, ecology and recycling, including in the selection of materials and reusability];
  • Production using the latest additive manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing, as these methods also enable shapes that were not feasible with "classic" production processes until a few years ago;
  • Also by means of "classic" production processes, e.g. B. molding / casting, injection molding, etc., can be produced.
Due to my previous work as a " patent officer " in the field of " intellectual property " in a global protection of in particular
  • Brands,
  • designs/patterns,
  • utility models and patents
As a specialized law firm, I have extensive legal knowledge in these areas and, if desired, I can have the designs legally protected by my cooperation partners before production. This is particularly useful BEFORE publishing product designs, e.g. B. in industry magazines or the transmission of corresponding data / information to suppliers and manufacturers.
Based on many years of advising manufacturers from a wide range of industries ( shoe, furniture, ceramics ) in the field of intellectual property protection, I have found that the commercial success of products depends, among other factors, on the timely protection of intellectual property rights such as brands, designs, etc .
These registration/registration costs should already be taken into account in the overall calculation.
Below you will find a selection of different designs for different industries.
Innovation and success require creative solutions and unique, unmistakable design.
Contact me and we will start your successful project together!
Best regards
Taijn Torijn
Selection of product designs
Stool "RingTastic" - Red Black / Red Black

Legal information (copyright, trademark, registered design rights):

All representations / designs of products , images, logos and lettering on this site and on www.taijntorijn.com are protected by copyright, trademark and design rights . All rights from it belong exclusively to the rights holder , Erik Wagner. Illegal duplication, processing, distribution and any kind of exploitation without the prior written consent of the copyright holder is expressly prohibited. Violation of copyright, trademark and design rights is punishable and will be prosecuted.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions : approx. W: 40cm, depth: 40cm, height: 46cm
Materials : e.g. B. wood, plastic,
Further processing : painting, leather, imitation leather cover, upholstery possible etc.

Manufacturing methods:

Depending on product specifications, e.g. B. by means of additive manufacturing (3D printing etc.).

Manufacturing costs:

Depending on, among other things, product specifications, manufacturing processes and related material costs, labor costs, manufacturing overhead costs, etc.

Remuneration / fee:

By appointment.

Additional Information:

Further information is available on request and as part of a non-binding and free consultation.