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Taijn Torijn

"Surfer - O´ahu" - - - LIMITED EDITION - - - Canvas - White Red / White Red

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Motif information:

I also took the underlying original photograph on the North Shore of O'ahu (Hawaii).

For me, life is like surfing. Because learning to surf requires passion, perseverance, the ability to suffer and (depending on the height of the waves) a lot of courage. I think that if you approach life with this attitude, you can achieve anything. A good surfer is certainly characterized, among other things, by the fact that he/she/it can always adapt to the constantly changing wave formations, the peculiarities of the spot (e.g. the water currents) and the wind. For me, the ability to adapt is one of the most important prerequisites in life to make the best of the respective circumstances and thus to feel more contented and balanced. Learning to surf requires an unwavering will and belief in oneself to eventually staying on the board.
If you have a dream and want to make it come true, you should be prepared to get up more times than you have fallen down. Whoever has been thrown off by a powerful wave and has experienced a "wipeout" himself, knows that every failure in surfing can be very painful and (life) threatening. A powerful wave sweeps you underwater, flings you around and, at worst, over a razor-sharp reef, keeping you submerged until you barely have enough air to get back to the surface - and back to life.
And yet the surfer takes the risk again and again, because the reward is an unbelievable feeling of adrenaline, joy, being one with nature - a wonderful mixture which is hard to describe. This is why a surfer lays down on his surfboard and paddles out again, however after a "wipeout" each time with a little more humility and respect for the forces of nature and the elements. This is also something that always "grounds" me when I'm stressed or down: Exposing myself to the elements of nature and feeling that the "background noise" and the stress are often enough not relevant at all.

So for me personally, surfing is a wonderful and accurate metaphor for life and how I try to face it every day.

TYPE of artwork: Art print on canvas with printed signature. No "Original Signature Edition".

MATERIAL Canvas . The artwork is printed with solvent-free and pollutant-free ink (pigment printing) on " fine art" canvas and with a "Glossy Varnish" protective varnish that enhances the contrasts and the colors and protects the work of art . The refined canvas makes the work of art a Statement object that turns your rooms into a gallery and puts a smile on your face every day!

  • Small size: width approx. 60 cm x height approx. 41 cm
  • Large size: width approx. 140 cm x height approx. 95.7 cm
  • Individual size/format: upon request
  • Frame depth: 4 cm
  • Canvas border/edge: mirrored without motif trimming
  • Canvas Quality: Fine Art Quality printed with solvent-free / pollutant-free ink,
  • Protective varnish: With "Glossy Varnish" protective varnish (increased color intensity, protection against dust, dirt, fingerprints and moisture),
  • Printing and shipping: done by well-known/reputable company specialized in photo and art printing in Germany.


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